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June 2014
We locked Dovid in the studio to record some
stunning new samples (see below for details), and have been hard at work integrating the 800+ MB of sample content back into the instrument. The new features represent a huge transformation for the instrument - so... buckle in and discover what this violin can do!
NOTE TO CURRENT OWNERS: We're sending emails out with download links! If you haven't received an email yet, contact us and we'll figure it out. THANKS! info [AT embertone DOT com]
Extensively sampled, living solo violin
Watermarked for protection
Kontakt/Kontakt Player 5.3.1+ required
Bow change + slur "true" legato
Full vibrato control
Staccatos RR X 8, 4 dynamic layers
Control the instrument with you tablet!
This is a KONTAKT PLAYER release, which means that you don't need to purchase any additional software to load this instrument!
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Bow Position Color Morphing

Bug Fixes / Under-the-hood Enhancements

Flexible (and moveable) Keyswitches

Improved Vibrato

Better Legato Performance

800+ MB in new sample content

Improved Dynamic Response ppp --> ff

New GUI Controls

Memory/CPU Improvements