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"In a world full of expensive and overly complex sample libraries, Embertone is a beacon of immediate musicality. Direct, expressive, and easy to apply samples that are infinitely useful and inspiring. It's that simple."

- Joseph Trapanese - Oblivion, TRON Legacy, Insurgent, Straight Outta Compton
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"Embertone Intimate Strings are, hands down, the most realistic and human sounding alternatives to the real thing. The real time control and nuances you can imbue into the performance are fantastic. I've had the pleasure of recording many of the musicians from the library in my own studio for different projects - Intimate Strings is a jaw-dropping recreation of these wonderful players."

- Jason Graves - Dead Space, Tomb Raider, Until Dawn
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"I have to say Embertone's Friedlander Violin and Blakus Cello are by far the best sampled & programmed solo strings I've used to this day.
They've gone above and beyond to give the user full control of almost every nuance of the instrument to be able to construct very believable humanly played parts.
Always part of my template whether the end product is an orchestra mockup or a rough sketch for live recording."

- Kevin Riepl - Borderlands 2, Battleborn, Ghost in the Shell
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"You guys are amazing! You keep coming out with great instruments that find their way into my template and are used consistently in my projects. The Friedlander Violin, Sensual Saxophone and the Chapman Trumpet stand out among your many other impressive instruments that I use…and I thank you."

- Bruce Miller - Frasier, The Odd Couple, Married with Children, Bonanza
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"The Shire Whistle is amazing! Not only does it have a beautiful sound to it, but it's a meticulously programmed instrument whose quality and playability dwarf its price tag. All of Embertone's instruments are the biggest bang for your buck possible, and I recommend them to anyone doing music production whether at a student or professional level."

- Sam Hulick - Mass Effect, Baldur's Gate, Hybrids
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