About Us

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Embertone is Alex Davis and Jonathan Churchill

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Alex Davis is a composer who works in a totally gluten free environment. His wife makes amazing vegan cookies that you simply would not believe. "How can THAT be gluten free?" … is a question he often asks himself.
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Jonathan Churchill is slowly taking over the universe. His meticulous nature and obsession for detail is surpassed only by his obsession for hot sauce, video games and ping pong.
But seriously… we love what we do. Our mission is simple: to make the most expressive and realistic virtual instruments that we can!! …and bring them to you to inspire awesome new music. Companies like Tonehammer, Sample Modeling, Sonic Couture, have led the way to this new age of deeply sampled virtual instruments. It's our goal to help move that tradition forward, to find new ways to capture the essence of an instrument, and to program it in an intuitive and responsive package. And, of course, to offer to the composing community at a really, really low price.

And… we love Matt Bowdler of the Unfinished. <3